We have steadily grown using hard earned knowledge, road-tested experience, talented staff and old fashioned American ingenuity.

ROAD-TESTED AND RELIABLE are two great definitions for the C&W team. Our driver’s qualifications exceed Federal Department of Transportation requirements and C&W Global has earned FDOT’s highest seal of approval since 1965. Hard work and courteous service is well rewarded at C&W and we are proud of our incredible track record. A happy and knowledgeable staff is the cornerstone of any operation and our staff is no exception. We annually reward excellence – a big reason why many of our drivers have been with C&W for decades. Every load is treated the same at C&W , as if it is the most important delivery on the road. That’s our promise and what sets us apart from the competition. Count on C&W to provide alternatives for the best way to move your time sensitive freight, weather critical load or biggest challenge. Give us your problems and let us help you figure out the equipment, logistics and service plan for your individual needs.

C&W offers coast to coast service and expanded trucking operations in the coming year.